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Rector's Speech

Rector Speech
It is a great honour for me as the Chief Executive of the institution to welcome you all to Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, Talata Mafara. This is the premier tertiary institution in the state responsible for the training of middle man power for the state and the country in general. You may wish to know that the polytechnic came into existence legally in the year 1992 and has since expanded with the introduction of numerous programmes to cater for the needs of the state and the community in general. With that, it may interest you that as a student of this institution, you are automatically a full fledged member of the Polytechnic Community.

Since its inception, the polytechnic has worked towards enlightenment its staff, students and the public of the activities of the institution. You will recall that the institution relocated from its temporary site at Farfaru Sokoto, to its permanent site at Talata Mafara in November 1996, following the creation of Zamfara State the process of relocation was not easy, but with understanding, co-operation and assistance of the students, staff, Talata Mafara Local Government and our host Community, the existence was concluded successfully. The institution has been facing myriad of problems, a lot of which are being tackled by either the management or the state government.

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